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         Torricelli Evangelista:     more books (19)
  1. Lettere Fin Qui Inedite Di Evangelista Torricelli Precedute Dalla Vita Di Lui Scritta Da Giovanni Ghinassi (Italian Edition) by Evangelista Torricelli, Giovanni Ghinassi, 2010-03-15
  2. Evangelista Torricelli: Written On The Occasion Of The Tercentenary Commemoration Of The Italian Philosopher, At Faenza, October 15 And 16, 1908 (1908) (Italian Edition) by Frederick John Jervis-Smith, 2010-05-23
  3. Opera Geometrica (Latin Edition) by Evangelista Torricelli, 2010-02-14
  4. Naissance à Faenza: Evangelista Torricelli, Raffaella Reggi, Laura Pausini, Andrea Gaudenzi, Giuseppe Sarti, Fabiano Fontanelli (French Edition)
  5. Mathématicien Italien: Evangelista Torricelli, Giuseppe Peano, Joseph-Louis Lagrange, Marin Ghetaldi, Leon Battista Alberti, Girolamo Cardano (French Edition)
  6. Evangelista Torricelli: An entry from Gale's <i>Science and Its Times</i> by Stephen D. Norton, 2001
  7. Opere di Evangelista Torricelli (Italian Edition) by Evangelista Torricelli, 1919-01-01
  8. TORRICELLI, EVANGELISTA (1608-1647): An entry from Gale's <i>World of Earth Science</i>
  9. Physicien Du Xviie Siècle: Blaise Pascal, Evangelista Torricelli, Robert Hooke, Isaac Newton, Galilée, Christoph Scheiner, Denis Papin (French Edition)
  10. Météorologue: Evangelista Torricelli, Matthew Fontaine Maury, Lewis Fry Richardson, Alfred Wegener, Poul La Cour, Odon Godart, Francis Beaufort (French Edition)
  11. Personnalité Italienne Du Xviie Siècle: Clément Xii, Evangelista Torricelli, Innocent Xiii, Galilée, Jean-Baptiste Lully, Marin Ghetaldi (French Edition)
  12. Météorologue Italien: Evangelista Torricelli, Giovanni Poleni, Giuseppe Toaldo, Luigi Palmieri, Federico Craveri (French Edition)
  13. Balao Class Submarines of the Marina Militare: Uss Lizardfish, Uss Capitaine, Uss Besugo, Italian Submarine Evangelista Torricelli
  14. Evangelista Torricelli: Written On The Occasion Of The Tercentenary Commemoration Of The Italian Philosopher, At Faenza, October 15 And 16, 1908 (1908) (Italian Edition) by Frederick John Jervis-Smith, 2010-09-10

1. CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Evangelista Torricelli
(Catholic Encyclopedia)Category Society Religion and Spirituality T......Evangelista Torricelli. Italian mathematician and physicist, bornat Faenza, 15 October, 1608; died at Florence, 25 October, 1647.
Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... T > Evangelista Torricelli A B C D ... Z
Evangelista Torricelli
Italian mathematician and physicist, born at Faenza, 15 October, 1608; died at Florence, 25 October, 1647. Modigliana, in Tuscan Romagna, and Piancaldoli, in the Diocese of Imola, are named as the birthplace by different biographers. Torricelli was educated at the Jesuit college of Faenza, where he showed such great aptitude for the sciences that his uncle, a religious of the order of the Camaldolesi, sent him to Rome in 1626 for the purpose of study. There he fell in with Castelli, the favorite pupil of Galileo , who instructed him in the work of the master on the laws of motion. Torricelli showed his thorough understanding by writing a thesis on the path of projectiles. Castelli sent this essay in manuscript to Galileo with strong recommendations of his young friend. Galileo invited Torricelli to his house but for personal reasons he was unable to accept until three months before the death of the blind scientist (1641). The grand duke prevailed upon him to remain at Florence and to succeed Galileo at the Academy. He solved some of the great mathematical problems of the day, such as the finding of the area and the centre of gravity of the cycloid. This problem gave rise to disagreeable discussion on the part of Roberval as to priority and originality. Torricelli's honesty, manliness, and modesty are distinctly shown in his reply.

2. Torricelli Evangelista
In this experiment, Torricelli used mercury which is more than 13 times as heavy as water. of these engines was made by the atmospheric pressure. E.Torricelli. Table of contents.
The first barometer
English Italiano
Selected by the sciLINKS program, a service of
National Science Teachers Association.
In this experiment, Torricelli used mercury which is more than 13 times as heavy as water.
A water barometer would require a tube more than 30 feet long and the water, of course, would freeze at winter temperatures.
Furthermore, water and most other common liquids release vapor which would decrease the vacuum at the top of the tube, whereas cold mercury releases very little vapor.
A glass tube, sealed at one end, is filled with mercury. Then a glass dish is partially filled with mercury.
Cover the open end of the tube with a finger, invert it, and plunge it into the mercury in the dish.
Mercury will then run out of the tube into the dish until the weight of the column of mercury in the tube exactly balances the outside air pressure.
Under standard conditions at sea level, the height will be 29.92 inch or 76 centimetres.
This experiment is important in science and technology history. The first steam engines (Papin, Newcomen) were "atmospheric engines".

3. IMSS - Multimedia Catalogue - Biography Evangelista TORRICELLI
Evangelista TORRICELLI. Roma 1608 Florence 1647. Torricelli studiedin Rome with Benedetto Castelli, where he distinguished himself
Evangelista TORRICELLI
Roma 1608 - Florence 1647 Torricelli studied in Rome with Benedetto Castelli , where he distinguished himself for his capabilities in mathematics. In 1641 he moved to Florence, where he became Galileo 's assistant during the last months of the latter's life. He later became the Mathematician of the Grand Duke, a position that he maintained for the rest of his life. he dedicated himself to research in geometry, while at the same time also developing the method of indivisibles that had been introduced by Cavalieri (for instance, by using curved indivisibles ), and in 1644 he published his work, Opera Geometrica . In the same year he performed the famous barometric experiment that enabled him to demonstrate the existence of atmospheric pressure. He devoted himself to making lenses of ever-increasing quality. In Room V here are lenses and telescopes made by Torricelli (V.3, V.4, V.5, V.26). Next Previous Index Home Page Catalogue ... Italiano

4. Torricelli
Evangelista Torricelli. Born 15 Oct 1608 Evangelista Torricelli's parentswere Gaspare Torricelli and Caterina Angetti. It was a fairly
Evangelista Torricelli
Born: 15 Oct 1608 in Faenza, Romagna (now Italy)
Died: 25 Oct 1647 in Florence, Tuscany (now Italy)
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Evangelista Torricelli 's parents were Gaspare Torricelli and Caterina Angetti. It was a fairly poor family with Gaspare being a textile worker. Evangelista was the eldest of his parents three children, having two younger brothers at least one of whom went on to work with cloth. It is greatly to his parents' credit that they saw that their eldest son had remarkable talents and, lacking the resources to provide an education for him themselves, they sent him to his uncle who was a Camaldolese monk. Brother Jacopo saw that Evangelista was given a sound education until he was old enough to enter a Jesuit school. Torricelli entered a Jesuit College in 1624 and studied mathematics and philosophy there until 1626. It is not entirely clear at which College he studied, with most historians believing that he attended the Jesuit College in Faenza, while some believe that he entered the Collegio Romano in Rome. What is undoubtedly the case is that after study at the Jesuit College he was then in Rome. Certain facts are clear, namely that Torricelli's father died in or before 1626 and that his mother moved to Rome for she was certainly living there in 1641 at the time of her death. Torricelli's two brothers also moved to Rome and again we know for certain that they were living there in 1647. The most likely events seem to be that after Gaspare Torricelli died, Caterina and her two younger sons moved to Rome to be with Evangelista who was either already living there or about to move to that city.

5. Torricelli Evangelista
Translate this page Evangelista Torricelli - 1608 - 1647 -. Furono Evangelista Torricelli e Vincenzo Viviani,due discepoli di Galileo, a scoprire il segreto della pompa aspirante.
Evangelista Torricelli - 1608 - 1647 -
English Italiano
Furono Evangelista Torricelli e Vincenzo Viviani, due discepoli di Galileo, a scoprire il segreto della pompa aspirante.
Per ripetere il loro famoso esperimento (vedere l'animazione) bisogna riempire un tubetto di vetro con il mercurio e sigillarlo prima di capolgerlo dentro una vaschetta contenente anch'essa mercurio.
Dopo aver tolto il sigillo il mercurio del tubetto comincia a scendere nella vaschetta. La discesa si arresta spontaneamente ad una certa altezza, che dipende dall'altitudine del luogo e dalle condizioni atmosferiche. Al mare in condizioni normali l'altezza della colonna di mercurio è di 76 cm. Viviani fu il primo a fare l'ipotesi che la discesa del mercurio fosse arrestata dal peso dell'aria che grava sul mercurio della vasca. Quando l'esperimento è concluso, nel tubetto, sopra il mercurio, evidentemente non c'è niente.
Il mistero della pompa aspirante è risolto: l'altezza di aspirazione dipende dalla pressione atmosferica. La salita del pistone produce "solo" un abbassamento di pressione. Più questo abbassamento è forte più aumenta l'altezza di aspirazione. Questo esperimento fu il primo passo lungo la strada che doveva condurre alla realizzazione della macchina a vapore. Le prime infatti sfruttavano il vapore solo per creare il vuoto dentro un cilindro e sotto un pistone. Il lavoro utile veniva fatto dalla pressione atmosferica, che, non più controbilanciata, obbligava il pistone a scendere verso il basso (fase attiva).

6. Energia Al Museo Della Scienza - Torricelli Evangelista
Translate this page Evangelista Torricelli - 1608 - 1647 -. Galileo L'onore toccò a duesuoi allievi, Evangelista Torricelli e Vincenzo Viviani. Nel
Evangelista Torricelli - 1608 - 1647 -
Galileo, che si era dedicato al problema della pompa aspirante, morì prima di risolvere il mistero.
L'onore toccò a due suoi allievi, Evangelista Torricelli e Vincenzo Viviani. Nel 1643 essi fecero il loro celebre esperimento (vedere l'animazione). Esso dimostrò inequivocabilmente che:
e che
L'ARIA HA UN SUO PESO !! Il mistero della pompa aspirante è risolto: l'altezza di aspirazione dipende dalla pressione atmosferica e, per questo motivo, non può superare i 9 metri.
L'altezza teorica di aspirazione sarebbe (al mare) di 10,33 metri. Questa altezza sarebbe possibile solo realizzando il vuoto assoluto all'interno del cilindro della pompa per sfruttare tutta la pressione atmosferica.
Raggiungere il vuoto assoluto è però impossibile e altezze di aspirazione di 9 metri sono già eccezionali.
Questo esperimento fu il primo passo lungo la strada che doveva condurre alla realizzazione della macchina a vapore.
Le prime macchine infatti sfruttavano il vapore solo per creare il vuoto dentro un cilindro e sotto un pistone.

7. TORRICELLI EVANGELISTA., Lezioni Accademiche.
Translate this page Libreria Antiquaria Mediolanum. torricelli evangelista. Lezioni accademiche.Firenze, Stamperia di SAR per I.Guiducci e S.Franchi, 1715. 21N.74.html
Libreria Antiquaria Mediolanum
TORRICELLI EVANGELISTA. Lezioni accademiche. Firenze, Stamperia di S.A.R. per I.Guiducci e S.Franchi, 1715. In-4°; XLIX, 1 p., 2 cc., 96 pp. con ritratto dell'autore inciso in rame da P. Anichini e 3 figure incise in legno nel testo inerenti alla famosa esperienza dell'argento vivo. Legatura del tempo in tutta pergamena. Bell'esemplare con il foglio di imprimat Prima edizione. Le Lezioni accademiche, raccolta di conferenze tenute all'Accademia della Crusca in occasione della sua nomina a membro, furono pubblicate postume. Alcune di esse trattano della percussione, sviluppando sulla scia di Galileo interessanti, Riccardi II, 544. Dibner, Herald of Science, 149. Middleton, History of the barometer, pp. 19-32. Gamba 2104. This item is listed on Bibliopoly by Libreria Antiquaria Mediolanum ; click here for further details.

8. WIEM: Torricelli Evangelista
( World Polska Leksykon Encyklopedia T......torricelli evangelista (16081647), fizyk i matematyk wloski. Uczen TorricelliEvangelista (1608-1647), fizyk i matematyk wloski. Uczen napisz do nas losuj: has³a multimedia Fizyka, Matematyka, W³ochy
Torricelli Evangelista widok strony
znajd¼ podobne

poka¿ powi±zane
Torricelli Evangelista (1608-1647), fizyk i matematyk w³oski. Uczeñ Galileusza , profesor uniwersytetu we Florencji (od 1642). Zapocz±tkowa³ badania w dziedzinie hydrodynamiki ( Torricellego wzór ). Stwierdzi³ istnienie pró¿ni w zatopionej rurce szklanej ponad s³upem rtêci. Stwierdzi³ istnienie ci¶nienia atmosferycznego oraz jego wahañ - wynalaz³ barometr (1643). Prowadzi³ badania w dziedzinie optyki. Prekursor rachunku ró¿niczkowego i ca³kowego (prace nie og³oszone), wprowadzi³ pojêcie cykloidy Wyniki badañ fizycznych opublikowa³ w ksi±¿kach: Trattato del moto dei gravi (1641) i  Opera geometrica Powi±zania Barometr wiêcej zobacz wszystkie serwisy do góry Encyklopedia zosta³a opracowana na podstawie Popularnej Encyklopedii Powszechnej Wydawnictwa Fogra

Translate this page torricelli evangelista. Specie, Codice, Zona. via, 9265, 1.1. Biografia.Fisico e matematico italiano (Faenza 1608-Firenze 1647). Allievo
Specie Codice Zona via
De motu gravium naturaliter descendentium et proiectorum
Nella sua Opera geometrica
L. Tenca, Evangelista Torricelli e Vincenzo Viviani Atti del convegno di studi torricelliani , Faenza, 1958; B. Segre, La vita e l'opera di Evangelista Torricelli

10. Evangelista Torricelli
Evangelista Torricelli (16081647). Letter to Michelangelo Ricci concerningthe Barometer. (1644) Collected Works Vol. III (1919) from
Evangelista Torricelli (1608-1647)
Letter to Michelangelo Ricci concerning the Barometer
Collected Works Vol. III (1919) [from William Francis Magie, A Source Book in Physics (New York: McGraw-Hill, 1935) (translator?)] To Michelangelo Ricci in Rome. Florence, June 11, 1644 Most Illustrious Sir and Most Learned Patron: We have made many vessels of glass like those shown as A and B and with tubes two cubits long. These were filled with quicksilver , the open end was closed with the finger, and they were then inverted in a vessel where there was quicksilver C ; then we saw that an empty space was formed and that nothing happened in the vessel where this space was formed; the tube between A and D remained always full to the height of a cubit and a quarter and an inch over. To show that the vessel was entirely empty, we filled the bowl with pure water up to D and then, raising the tube little by little, we saw that, when the opening of the tube reached the water, the quicksilver fell out of the tube and the water rushed with great violence up to the mark E . It is often said in explanation of the fact that the vessel AE stands empty and the quicksilver, although heavy, is sustained in the tube

11. Evangelista Torricelli
Evangelista Torricelli. 1608 až 1647. existence tlaku vzduchu. ŽivotEvangelisty Evangelista Torricelli se narodil 15.10. 1608 ve
Evangelista Torricelli 1608 až 1647 existence tlaku vzduchu Život Evangelisty Torricelliho se celý odehrál v první polovinì 16. století. Našli bychom øadu dalších významných osobností, které se postaraly o velkolepý rozvoj novovìké vìdy právì v tomto období. Galilei, Descartes, Huygens, Pascal, Roberval i Fermat, ti všichni zásadní mìrou pøispìli k obohacení lidského poznání a k uplatnìní dedukcí i zobecnìní ve vìdì. Evangelista Torricelli se narodil 15.10. 1608 ve Feanze, zhruba rok pøed tím, než se Galileo Galilei zaèal dívat dalekohledem na oblohu. Tuto souvislost nepøipomínáme náhodou, vždy Torricelliho mùžeme považovat za Galileiho žáka, který se zabýval mj. právì i broušením èoèek do dalekohledù. Jestliže Galileo Galilei propracoval vrhy a pády tìles v zemském gravitaèním poli, Torricelli zkoumal úèinky zemské tíže na kapaliny. Pro rychlost výtoku otvorem ve stìnì nádoby v hloubce h pod hladinou nalezl vztah , tedy stejný, jako platí pro rychlost volného pádu po uražení dráhy h. První ucelené základy hydrodynamiky nalezneme právì v Torricelliho díle Trattato del moto z roku 1641. Jako druhou etapu Torricelliho vìdeckého zájmu mùžeme oznaèit pokusy s atmosférickým tlakem vzduchu. Pokusy vlastnì zaèal Vincenzio Viviani a na jejich základì Torricelli zavrhl aristotelovský pojem horror vacui a zavedl oznaèení atmosférický tlak vzduchu. Proslulý pokus s trubicí naplnìnou rtutí a pak pøevrácenou vyvolal øadu otázek a zdaleka ne všichni byli o vzduchoprázdnu nad rtuovým sloupcem pøesvìdèeni. Skalní aristoteliky, ale také pøíznivce Descarta, pokus nepøesvìdèil a ti stále tvrdili, že v uzavøeném prostoru nad rtutí cosi je, "nebo sklo má velmi jemné póry, jimiž mohou pronikat paprsky svìtla, magnetu a jiné velmi drobounké èásteèky hmoty". Tento názor sdílel napø. i G. W. Leibniz. V této dobì definitivnì padl názor na vzduch jako bezhmotnou a beztížnou substanci ve smyslu antického uèení o ètyøech živlech.

12. Evangelista Torricelli
Evangelista Torricelli. Follow Ups Re Evangelista Torricelli Wesley Keslin 0832121/06/100 (0) Re Evangelista Torricelli Dj CooL 201139 2/16/99 (0)
Evangelista Torricelli
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13. Elenco Fotografico
Translate this page Torelli Luigi, 1940, Somm grande ton. Marconi, torricelli evangelista, 1918, Sommgrande ton. Micca, torricelli evangelista, 1934, Somm grande ton. Archimede,

14. Evangelista Torricelli
Evangelista Torricelli. Evangelista Torricelli sa narodil 15. októbra1608 vo Faenze. Od ranej mladostí bol sirotou a jeho výchovu

15. Evangelista Torricelli
Evangelista Torricelli (16081647), fizician si matematician Italian,elev al lui Galilei. Facand experiente cu tuburi barometrice Torricelli.htm
Evangelista Torricelli (1608-1647), fizician si matematician Italian, elev al lui Galilei. Facand experiente cu tuburi barometrice, a demonstrat in 1644 ca ridicarea mercurulu in aceste tuburi se produce datorita presiunii atmosferice.Deasupra mercurului a obtinut un vid aproape total ( vidul lui T.). A stabilit legea de curgere a lichidului dintr-un vas.

16. CyberSpace Search!
SEARCH THE WEB. Results 1 through 1 of 1 for evangelista torricelli.Evangelista torricelli Picture of evangelista torricelli evangelista torricelli

Translate this page torricelli evangelista. Mathématicien et physicien italien. Il est né à Faenzaen 1608 et il est mort à Florence en 1647. Il a été disciple de Galilée.
Sartre Jean-Paul
Critique de la raison dialectique
Schubert Franz
La jeune fille et la mort ), des pages pour piano et de la musique de chambre.
Schweitzer Albert
Shakespeare William
Richard III Othello Macbeth Cymbeline
Antigone et Ajax ainsi qu'un fragment des Limiers
Stephenson George
Sullivan Louis
Tazieff Haroun
), des fantaisies-ouvertures ( ), des ballets ( Casse-Noisette la Dame de pique
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Thomson Sir Joseph John
Torricelli Evangelista
Trevithick Richard
Uccelo Paolo di Dono
, trois panneaux de la Bataille de San Romano
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Vivaldi Antonio, dit Il Presto rosso

18. Academic Library - Biographies
evangelista torricelli evangelista torricelli evangelista Torricelli Everytime you turn on the TV or radio and hear a weather forecast, one man is
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Biographies Emily Bronte
Emily Jane Bront remains a mystery. Very little is known about her. There is little information, and much of what we have is contradictory. She is the author of only one novel and a few bits of poetry. This gives people little to build on. The majority of Emily Dickenson
The year 1830 is a crucial date in English history. You see, this is the year that one of the most influential poets in the world was born. Emily Dickinson was born in Amherst, Massachusetts, an old fashioned Puritan town. Rarely did she go outside to meet Emily Dickinson
Massachusetts, the state where Emily was born and raised in, before the transcendental period was the epicenter of religious practice. Founded by the puritans, the feeling of the avenging had never left the people. After all of the "Great Awakenings" and r Emily Dickinson
Emily Dickinson Word Count: 772 Delve into a world constructed from images and thoughts streaming along at the speed of light. Watch them flow as they for buildings, people, animals and objects. Streaming along at the speed of light, one can only catch gli emily dickinsons poetry
emily dickinsons poetry emily dickinsons poetry: Emily Dickinson is regarded as "one of the greatest American poets that have ever existed."(Benfey 5) The unique qualities of her brief, but emotional, poems were so uncommon that they made her peerles

19. Evangelista Torricelli - Acapedia - Free Knowledge, For All
Friends of Acapedia Evangelista Torricelli. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.(There is currently no text in this page). Current Events. Sciences.
var srl33t_id = '4200';

20. Torricelli, Evangelista
Catalog of the Scientific Community. torricelli, evangelista. Note the creators of the Galileo Project and this
Catalog of the Scientific Community
Torricelli, Evangelista
Note: the creators of the Galileo Project and this catalogue cannot answer email on genealogical questions.
1. Dates
Born: Faenza (halfway between Bologna and Rimini), 15 Oct. 1608.
Died: Florence, 25 Oct. 1647
Dateinfo: Dates Certain
2. Father
Occupation: Artisan, Cleric
Gaspare Torricelli was a textile artisan. He sent Evangelista to the boy's uncle, a Camaldolese monk, who was at some point (probably later) the prior of a monastery, and who supervised his education. The father was dead by the time Evangelista was eighteen; the uncle was still alive when Evangelista died.
The father is said to have been in modest circumstances, and sending his son to an uncle tends to support this. One of Evangelista's brother was a "drapparolo." I don't find the word but assume it meant cloth worker. In his will Evangelista referred to his two brothers as poor. Evangelista's extreme caution suggests someone not used to money. On the other hand in the history of the family there was always modest property. While the evidence on financial status has some ambiguity, it appears proper to consider that they were poor.
3. Nationality

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