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         Puiseux Victor:     more detail
  1. Puiseux Series: Mathematics, Formal Power Series, Victor Puiseux, Indeterminate, Functor, Field, Algebraically Closed Field, Characteristic
  2. V. Puiseux's Untersuchungen Uber Die Algebraischen Functionen Dargestellt Von Hermann Fischer (German Edition) by Victor Alexandre Puiseux, 2010-04-01
  3. V. Puiseux's Untersuchungen uber die algebraischen functionen dargestellt von Hermann Fischer by Victor Alexandre Puiseux, 1861-01-01
  4. V. Puiseux's Untersuchungen Uber Die Algebraischen Functionen Dargestellt Von Hermann Fischer (German Edition) (2010 Reprint) by Victor Alexandre Puiseux, 2010-01-26

1. I00244.htm
puiseux victor. Sexe masculin. Naissance ven 15 avr 1887
  • Sexe : masculin
  • Naissance : ven 15 avr 1887
PUISEUX Pierre Henri
Famille 1 : TAVERNIER Germaine
Famille 2 : BAILLET Suzanne
  • Sexe : masculin
  • Naissance :
Famille 1 : JANNET Laure
  • PUISEUX Paul
  • PUISEUX Marie
  • PUISEUX Pierre Henri ... INDEX DES NOMS
    QUELIN Caroline Julie
  • Famille 1 : RIVIERE Jean-Baptiste Alcide
  • RIVIERE Charles Alcide
    QUELIN Caroline Julie
    QUINTARD Barbe
    • Naissance : jeu 1 avr 1683, HENSIES (Belgique)
    • mar 17 nov 1739, HENSIES (Belgique)

    ROLLAND Anne
    Famille 1 : DEFASSEAU Pierre
    • Union : jeu 1 juin 1702, HENSIES (Belgique)
    • Sexe : masculin
    Famille 1 : ROLLAND Anne
  • 2. I00242.htm
    PUISEUXVictor Mère JANNET Laure. Père puiseux victor Mère JANNET Laure.
    • Sexe : masculin
    • Naissance :
    PUISEUX Victor
    JANNET Laure
    PUISEUX Madeleine
    • Naissance :
    PUISEUX Pierre Henri
    Famille 1 : CORPET Jean
    PUISEUX Victor
    PUISEUX Pierre Henri JANNET Laure ... INDEX DES NOMS
    PUISEUX Marguerite-Marie
    • Naissance : mer 17 oct 1894
    PUISEUX Pierre Henri
    Famille 1 : MICHELIN Jean
    PUISEUX Victor
    PUISEUX Pierre Henri JANNET Laure ... INDEX DES NOMS
    PUISEUX Marie
    • Naissance :
    PUISEUX Victor
    JANNET Laure
    • Naissance :
    PUISEUX Victor
    JANNET Laure
  • 3. Puiseux
    Victor Alexandre Puiseux. Victor Puiseux's family moved to Lorraine when hewas only three years old and he was brought up in that region of France.
    Victor Alexandre Puiseux
    Born: 16 April 1820 in Argenteuil, Val-d'Oise, France
    Died: 9 Sept 1883 in Frontenay, Jura, France
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    Victor Puiseux Sturm Briot and Bouquet and, in 1840, he was placed first in his final examination. The following year he was awarded his doctorate for a thesis on astronomy and mechanics in which he studied planetary orbits. His thesis is a competent piece of work without showing much in the way of originality. Liouville 's Journal. He wrote on geometry, where he discovered new properties of evolutes and involutes and mechanics where he studied the conical pendulum, the tautochrone and similar topics. Le Verrier , where he succeeded to Cauchy 's position. From 1868 to 1872 Puiseux held a post at the Bureau de Longitudes. Puiseux had attended courses by Cauchy early in his career and he soon became interested in research in topics Cauchy was studying. He further developed

    4. Poster Of Puiseux
    Victor Puiseux. lived from 1820 to 1883. Victor Puiseux worked on ellipticfunctions and studied computational methods in astronomy.
    Victor Puiseux lived from 1820 to 1883 Victor Puiseux worked on elliptic functions and studied computational methods in astronomy. Find out more at

    5. Puiseux
    Translate this page puiseux victor alexandre français, 1820-1883 Normalien, mathématicienet astronome (sa thèse de doctorat porta sur l'invariabilité
    PUISEUX Victor alexandre
    Binet Bureau des longitudes A Paris, il rencontre Cauchy et travaille sur l'objet de ses travaux, comme :
    • les le les d'une variable complexe;
    et des des courbes planes on qualifie d'
    • Les fonctions rationnelles
      • f(z) = z - zf + 1 pour tout z non nul.
      R (non rationnelle) : P = f x Toute fonction
    transcendante . C'est le cas des usuelles, des fonctions exponentielles et logarithmiques Stokes Cayley

    6. A.M.A. - Associazione Marchigiana Astrofili: I Personaggi Dell'Astronomia (O-Q)
    Translate this page puiseux victor-Alexandre Puiseux (1820-1883), matematico e astronomo francese.Purbach Georg von Purbach (1423-1461), astronomo e matematico austriaco.
    I personaggi dell'Astronomia (O-Q)
    Giuseppe Occhialini (1907-1993), fisico italiano.
    Heinrich Wilhelm Mathias Olbers (1758-1840), astronomo e matematico tedesco.
    Khayyam Omar (1048-1131) - Poeta, astronomo e matematico persiano.
    Jan Hendrik Oort (1900-1992), astronomo olandese. Formulò una teoria sull'origine delle comete
    Theodor Ritter von Oppolzer (1841-1886), astronomo e matematico austriaco.
    Anton Pannekoek (1873-1960), astronomo olandese.
    William Parsons (1800-1867), astronomo britannico.
    Cecilia Helena Payne-Gaposkin (1900-1979), astronoma statunitense di origine britannica.
    Benjamin Peirce (1809-1880), matematico e astronomo statunitense.
    Arno Allan Penzias (1933-), astrofisico statunitense di origine tedesca. Ha rilevato la radiazione cosmica di fondo.
    Giuseppe Piazzi (1746-1826), astronomo. Nel 1801 scoprì Cerere, il primo asteroide.
    Edward Charles Pickering (1846-1919) - Fisico e astronomo statunitense. Fu tra i fondatori dell'astrofisica e pubblicò la prima mappa fotografica completa del cielo.
    John Stanley Plaskett (1865-1941), astronomo canadese.

    7. CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Victor-Alexandre Puiseux
    (Catholic Encyclopedia)Category Society Religion and Spirituality P......Home Catholic Encyclopedia P victorAlexandre puiseux. victor-Alexandrepuiseux. French mathematician and astronomer, b. 16
    Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... P > Victor-Alexandre Puiseux A B C D ... Z
    Victor-Alexandre Puiseux
    Cauchy in the chair of celestial mechanics at the Sorbonne. He resigned, but was granted the right to keep his title. He also gave up his appointment as member of the Bureau des Longitudes (1868-1872), on account of failing health. Puiseux excelled especially in mathematical analysis. In his account of algebraic functions, first published in the "Journal de Liouville" (1851), he introduced new methods, marking an epoch in this subject. His numerous contributions to celestial mechanics have considerably advanced knowledge in this direction. He supervised the new edition of Laplace's BERTRAND, Eloge de V. Puiseux; TISSERAND, Notice sur la vie de Puiseux in Bulletin des sc. math. et astr. (Paris, 1884), 2nd series, VIII, pt. i, 227-45 WILLIAM FOX
    Transcribed by Thomas J. Bress The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume XII
    Nihil Obstat, June 1, 1911.
    Remy Lafort, S.T.D., Censor
    Imprimatur. +John Cardinal Farley, Archbishop of New York We also recommend
    The Catholic Company

    and Aquinas and More
    and The Catholic Store
    for Catholic books and gifts.

    8. Victor Alexandre Puiseux - Acapedia - Free Knowledge, For All
    Friends of Acapedia Victor Alexandre Puiseux. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.(There is currently no text in this page). Current Events. Sciences.
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    9. Puiseux, Pierre (1855-1928) -- From Eric Weisstein's World Of Scientific Biograp
    puiseux, Pierre (18551928), This entry contributed by Michel Barran. Frenchastronomer and son of victor puiseux. puiseux (victor). References.

    Branch of Science
    Astronomers Nationality French ... Barran
    Puiseux, Pierre (1855-1928)

    This entry contributed by Michel Barran French astronomer and son of Victor Puiseux stellar aberration He collaborated on a map of the sky and, with Maurice Loewy, created an photographical atlas of moon containing 6000 photos. A lunar crater has been named in his honor. Puiseux (Victor)
    References Loewy, M. and Puiseux, P. Atlas Photographique de la Lune, 4 vols. Observatoire de Paris, 1896-1910. Masclet, A. Le petit dictionnaire des astronomes. Vannes, France: Burillier, 1999. Puiseux, P. "Accelération séculaire du mouvement de la lune." Puiseux, P. Paris, 1890. Poggendorff, vols. III, IV and V.
    Author: Eric W. Weisstein

    10. Lauréats Des Concours D'agrégation De 1821 à 1900
    *puiseux (victor), *Toussaint (NicolasJoseph-Charles), Hébert, *Girault (Charles), **Houdemont (Jean-Pierre),
    URA 1397 Lauréats des concours d'agrégation de 1821 à 1900
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    lettres (Paris) Poret (Pierre-Jacques-Hector), de Luynes (Laurent), Michelet (Jules), *Daveluy (Amédée), Lefebvre (Gabriel), **Bouillet (Nicolas), **Lodin-Lalaire (Théophile), Delbecque (Germain-Joseph), Taranne (Nicolas-Rodolphe), *Labastide (Jean-Denis-Baptiste), *Corbin (Pierre-Eusèbe), Reynaud (Jacques-Auguste), *Rara (François-Alexis), Janson (Théophile-Marie), **Lefranc (Emile), Bousson (Vertueux), *Ladevy-Roche (Jean), **Bolly (Louis-Léonce), *Forneron (Jean-Baptiste), *Maugé (François-Joseph)
    grammaire (Caen) **Sorin (Jean-Baptiste), **Giffard (Jean-Marc)

    Publican Public Honesty (Decency) Pueblo Indians Puget, Pierre Pugh, George EllisPugin, Augustus Welby Northmore puiseux, victorAlexandre Pulaski, Casimir
    Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... Catholic Encyclopedia > P A B C D ... O P Q R S T ... Z
    Pacandus Titular see
    Pacca, Bartolommeo
    Cardinal, scholar, and statesman (1756-1844)
    Pachomius, Saint

    Pachtler, George Michael
    Controversial and educational writer (1825-1889)
    Disciple of St. Francis of Assisi (d. 1234)
    Pacificus of Ceredano, Blessed

    Pacificus of San Severino, Saint

    Pacioli, Lucas
    Mathematician (d. 1509)

    Padilla, Juan de

    Padua, University of ... Pagano, Mario
    Jurisconsult and man of letters (1748-1799) Page, Venerable Anthony English martyr (1571-1593) Pagi, Antoine French ecclesiastical historian (1624-1699) French ecclesiastical historian (1654-1721) Pagnino, Santes Painting, Religious Palafox y Mendoza, Juan de Palasor, Venerable Thomas English martyr (d. 1600) Palatinate, Rhenish Palatini Palawan Palencia ... Paleotti, Gabriele Cardinal, Archbishop of Bologna (1522-1597) Palermo Palermo, University of Palestrina Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da Composer (1514-1594) Paley, Frederick Apthorp Pall Pall, Funeral Palladio, Andrea ... Pamelius Belgian theologian (1536-1587) Pamiers Pammachius, Saint

    12. Puiseux, Victor A. (1820-1883) -- From Eric Weisstein's World Of Scientific Biog
    puiseux, victor A. (18201883), However, the lunar crater puiseux is namednot after victor puiseux, but after his son Pierre. puiseux (Pierre).

    Branch of Science
    Astronomers Branch of Science Mathematicians ... Barran
    Puiseux, Victor A. (1820-1883)

    Portions of this entry contributed by Michel Barran on geometry (properties of evolutes and involutes ), and mechanics (motion of the conical pendulum and the tautochrone). After this, Puiseux held a number of posts, including assistant astronomer, then director, of the Bureau of Calculation at the Paris Observatory (1855-1859), professor of mathematical astronomy at the Faculty of Sciences of Paris (1857-1882), where he succeeded Cauchy , and member of Bureau des Longitudes (1868-1872), succeeding Foucault . The work of Puiseux is usually treated with great brevity in published works on the history of mathematics. For example, he appears only in a table in Grattan-Guinness (1997, p. 359), and is mentioned only in passing in Ball (1960, p. 467) and Boyer and Merzbach (1991, p. 571). Nevertheless, he was quite prolific, publishing 41 papers between 1842 and 1880. Puiseux excelled especially in mathematical analysis. He further developed Cauchy's work on functions of a complex variable (Ball 1960, p. 467), being the first to distinguish poles essential singularities and branch points (Boyer and Merzbach 1991, p. 571). The so-called

    13. References For Puiseux
    References for the biography of victor puiseux References for victor puiseux. Biography in Dictionary of Scientific Biography (New York 19701990).
    References for Victor Puiseux
  • Biography in Dictionary of Scientific Biography (New York 1970-1990). Articles:
  • J Bertrand, Victor Puiseux, Eloges academique (Paris, 1890), 275-285. Main index Birthplace Maps Biographies Index
    History Topics
    ... Anniversaries for the year
    JOC/EFR December 1996 School of Mathematics and Statistics
    University of St Andrews, Scotland
    The URL of this page is:
  • 14. Poster Of Puiseux
    lived from 1820 to 1883 victor puiseux worked on elliptic functions and studied computational methods in astronomy. Find out more at
    Victor Puiseux lived from 1820 to 1883 Victor Puiseux worked on elliptic functions and studied computational methods in astronomy. Find out more at

    15. Informations Généalogiques
    Translate this page BOUVET, Béatrice, Sexe Féminin Naissance 1861 Décès 1963. puiseux,Marie-Louise, puiseux, victor, puiseux, Madeleine, puiseux, Robert,

    16. CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA Victor-Alexandre Puiseux
    Home Catholic Encyclopedia P victorAlexandre puiseux. Join New Advent'sCatholic mailing list! Start victor-Alexandre puiseux. French

    17. - Victor Alexandre Puiseux
    Translate this page Cerca la rima. victor Alexandre puiseux. victor Alexandre puiseux GiovanPietro Vieusseux a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z Alexandre Puiseux

    18. - X
    Translate this page x. Pio IX Pio X victor Alexandre puiseux redox reflex Riese Pio X Roubaix WilhelmRoux Saint-Pol Roux Sauze d'Oulx Il Secolo XIX Sfax Sioux Stefano IX Stefano X

    19. Pages De Données
    Translate this page Retour à la page principale. PUCHE, Claude Louis, (contemporain). Retour à la pageprincipale. puiseux, Pierre puiseux, victor BOUVET, Béatrice, Sexe
    TOULEMONDE, Maurice VERLEY, Pierre
    BIGO, Marie

    Sexe: Masculin
    Source: Ann. Familles Nord PdC Ed. 1995
    PRUVOST, Jacqueline LIAGRE
    Les 3 enfants du couple TOULEMONDE - PRUVOST TOULEMONDE, Giselle
    TOULEMONDE, Laurence
    PRUVOST, Louis

    PRUVOST, Louis ORTILLE, Charlotte
    Sexe: Masculin Source: Famille PRUVOST - WASTIN Sexe: Source: Les 3 enfants du couple PRUVOST - WASTIN PRUVOST, Maurice
    PUCHE, Claude Louis
    PUISEUX, Pierre
    PUISEUX, Victor Sexe: Masculin Naissance: Profession: Banquier Source: Famille PUISEUX - TAVERNIER Mariage: TAVERNIER, Germaine Sexe: Naissance: Source: L'enfant du couple PUISEUX - TAVERNIER (contemporain)
    PUISEUX, Victor
    TAVERNIER, Germaine PUISEUX, Xavier CHEVALIER, Bernadette (contemporain) Famille PUISEUX - TRENTESAUX TRENTESAUX, Joseph TRENTESAUX, Michel MOTTE, Anne Marie TRENTESAUX, Marion (contemporain)
    PUPIER, Marc (contemporain) Famille PUPIER - ROGEAU ROGEAU, Alain DUPREZ, Marguerite TROUSSET, Lucienne (contemporain)
    PYCKE, Jean Marie
    PYCKE, Jean Victor COUVREUR, Marie (contemporain) Famille PYCKE - ROLIN (contemporain)
    (contemporain) Famille SANDER - PYCKE PYCKE, Jean Marie

    20. Pages De Données
    Translate this page PAPIN, Émile victor, Sexe Masculin Naissance 03 avril 1896 à Sartrouville,78586, YVELINES, France Source MALLET. Famille puiseux - CHEVALIER,
    CATTEAU, Pierre Philippe

    CATTEAU, Pierre Philippe

    BOUSMAR, Jeanne

    CATTEAU, Jean Baptiste CATTEAU, Alexandre
    CATTEAU, Marie Jeanne

    DE SURMONT, Marie

    Sexe: Masculin
    Naissance: mars 1734
    21 juillet 1809
    Famille CATTEAU - LIBERT Mariage: 21 novembre 1759 LIBERT, Philippe LIBERT, Maximilien LIBERT, Rosalie VAN BESSELART, Jean Sexe: Naissance: 02 janvier 1816 Source: L'enfant du couple CATTEAU - LIBERT 59, Roncq, 59, Roncq,
    CATTEAU, Jean Dominique Sexe: Masculin Naissance: 15 mai 1756 Source: LE TALLEC Lionel Roger (notes) Famille CATTEAU - FLORIN Mariage: FLORIN, Jean Baptiste BOSCART, Marie DESMARCHELIER, Catherine Joseph Sexe: Naissance: 09 juillet 1763 Source: LE TALLEC Lionel Roger (notes)
    MARLIER, Oste
    MARLIER, Otte LEFEBVRE, Pierre (Sosa 3928) LEFEBVRE, Marie (Sosa 3929) Sexe: Masculin Naissance: vers 1640 Source: Famille MARLIER - CATTEAU CATTEAU, Jeanne Sexe: Naissance: vers 1640 Source: L'enfant du couple MARLIER - CATTEAU 59, Tourcoing,
    COUVREUR, Joseph Gabriel Henri Sexe: Masculin Naissance: 10 mars 1879 23 octobre 1953 Source: LE TALLEC Lionel Roger (notes) Famille COUVREUR - CATTEAU Mariage: 29 juillet 1903 CATTEAU, Alphonse Auguste Joseph

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